Pressure washing is incredibly intense bursts of water to disinfect various objects, such as driveways and sidewalks. It can dissolve grime, such as mold, mildew, dust, soil, and even loose paint. If you have a problematic mark, pressure washing is an excellent option for quick and simple cleaning.

However, it does not operate on any surface; specific structures are too delicate to be washed by pressure washing. As any other form of cleaning, pressure washing must be performed correctly to avoid injury or harmful effects. If you operate the pressure washer wrong, your deck will be destroyed. So, make sure you understand what you’re doing before you plunge in.

So yeah!  Pressure washing will remove your deck stains, but only if it’s done properly. So if you need this to be done correctly, you should hire a professional cleaning company to get it done.

It’s common for grime to build upon your deck over time. If it’s mold, algae, or some other sort of dirt, it could look unsightly. These buildups typically occur most frequently in shady areas where there is not much sunshine. Here are some common deck stains:

  • Mold
  • Algae
  • Water damage
  • Rust …  Etc

Allowing leaves and other moist vegetation to stay on your deck for a long time will contribute to staining and make the mold flourish. The more you leave them, the harder it gets to clean the stains.

Leaving metal furniture and planters out on your deck or patio – if damp – will even create rusting stains before too long. Pressure washing is a perfect way to eliminate those deep stains that are otherwise difficult to get rid of. If hard stains literally don’t slow down, hire a professional cleaning company to clean your deck.

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