Are you thinking of getting your home’s exterior cleaned? Then soft washing is perhaps the ultimate way for you to go about this. But are you concerned about what items you can soft wash? Look no further, we have all the answers for you.

Wood Panel Siding

Many people opt for wood panel siding for their home’s exterior. The only problem is that these are difficult to clean. However, with soft washing, you will find that they’re able to get back to their original condition immediately after treatment.

Fences And Decks

Next, we have wooden fences and decks. Since there are partial spaces in the middle of these, it is easy for them to accumulate a range of debris. Soft washing your fences and deck can get rid of any potentially damaging elements present there and give your home a cleaner look.


Driveways are prone to getting overused and unkempt very quickly. The best thing to do is get a soft wash done for them annually. This will keep all the accumulation of fungus and algae away from your home’s driveway.


Shingles are difficult to clean, no doubt. However, if you have a team of professionals working on your roof and soft washing it, then you will find it the most effective way to get rid of all the dirt from it. Also, you will see a great change in the appearance of your roof after this.


Patios are used for a variety of reasons. However, since it is part of your home’s exterior, it is also prone to a lot of damage and dirt. Soft Washing can get rid of all of this and so much more to make your patio usable all year round.

Make sure that you don’t go about soft washing yourself as you might find it difficult to get the right details in.

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