Pressure washing seems like the perfect solution for a quick outdoor cleaning, but it’s not always the best option. Your concrete driveway or patio might be a worthy surface, but most materials on or around your home need to be handled with care. Pressure washing can cause some serious damage, and if handled incorrectly, could also lead to dangerous injuries for you or someone else. Before getting carried away with the pressure washer, check out these items that should always be avoided.

Painted Surfaces

If you’re intending for your paint job to stick around, you should definitely use a gentler cleaning method. Pressure washing a painted surface can easily cause chips or fade the coloring. This is also extremely important with surfaces coated with lead paint, as any scattering of the paint chips can be extremely hazardous to your health.


Brick is a pretty tough material, but old mortar can definitely be worn and weak. Hitting it with a pressure washer could cause the mortar to crack or crumble, which is risky for the structure’s foundation.

Anything Living

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t aim a pressure washer at your friends and family, but you should also take precaution to avoid any natural plant life around your home like flowers, grass, and bushes, as they’ll definitely be destroyed on the spot. Plants, pets, and humans alike—injury is bound to occur.

There are countless more items that should be washed alternatively to pressure washing, so make sure you do the proper research before making any irreversible mistakes. If you’re unsure which materials are risky, our experts at Southwest Pressure Washing can help keep you informed, and make sure your home stays beautiful and safe in the process.

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