Did you know that power washing and pressure washing are actually two different cleaning methods? A lot of people don’t! Despite producing similar results, choosing the wrong treatment for your home is a mistake you definitely won’t want to make—think irreversible damage, costly repairs, and possibly even painful injuries. Good research and professional input is key when selecting a home cleaning treatment, and our team at Southwest Pressure Washing can help you get the job done correctly. So what’s the difference, and why does it matter?

Pressure washing and power washing are both used for exterior cleaning, but a major difference is the temperature of the water. While pressure washing uses regular temperature water that flows through pressurizing equipment, power washing just uses the water at a much higher temperature.

The success of pressure washing is all thanks to the intensity of the spray, as it blasts away dirt with ease. It can strip away years of accumulated filth in seconds, making for quite the satisfying procedure. However, the heat used in power washing can also be effective in deteriorating grime, stains, and growths like mildew, moss, and mold. 

Still unsure of which to choose? The proper treatment will depend on the specifics of your home. Pressure washing can be a quick fix for cleaning dull and dirty concrete, but it could easily damage siding or shatter a window. Every home is unique, and it’s important to take into consideration which materials are present before administering any type of application.

At Southwest Pressure Washing we believe that exterior cleaning shouldn’t be a burden, which is why we’re happy to help guide you on decisions like these. If you’re in the market for a exterior home cleaning service done with exceptional quality and care, give us a call at (513-512-5328) for a free quote today.