Concrete can crack, peel and rust over time. A broken concrete stoop will reduce the charm of your home as well as pose a safety threat. Removing and rebuilding the stoop can be expensive and time-consuming.  However, here are some tips available to make your old, concrete stoop look new again:

Pressure Wash

With time, your concrete is going to collect grime and debris. This is attributed to a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. However, before you plan to dump your pavement and cover it with an explicit dirt lane, first try to clean it. You’d be shocked how good an efficient pressure washing gets rid of the stains. Also using cleaning agents designed especially for concrete to help extract stains from tires, grease, and soil.

However, to avoid any damages from washing the concrete by yourself, then it’s advisable you hire a professional cleaning company to pressure wash it for you.

 By Resurfacing

Resurfacing an existing concrete stoop is an easy and cost-effective way to make the aged concrete look fresh again. Next, hire a professional cleaning company to clean the stoop properly with a concrete cleaning agent and a pressure washer, ensuring that all debris and oil are extracted from the floor. Second, patch holes and chips with the goods in place. Fill the joints with weather stripping to prevent the resurfacing of the goods from overflowing through the joints. If the stoop has a slick surface, scuff it with a handheld oscillating tool equipped with a sanding accessory to help the resurfacing material stick to it.

Add a Stain or Seal Coats

Concrete is one of the longest-lasting pavement options. It’s also incredibly affordable. The biggest problem that people have about it is that it seems softer as opposed to stone.

What these people don’t know, though, is that you can upgrade the concrete to a distinctive look without having to pay a high price. Staining concrete gives the pavement a smooth and glossy look, which might be a good improvement from the dusty old appearance it could have right now. Of Course, these needs to be done after a professional has cleaned the concrete!

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