Although pressure washing might seem like a foolproof way to remove dirt and stains, it’s not always the right solution for cleaning. The purpose of pressure washing is right in the name—it uses a high volume of pressure to forcefully spray away debris that can be stubborn or hard to remove. Pressure washing is an excellent choice when clearing outdoor surfaces, as it’s highly effective and can be done rather quickly. However, while it might be great for sturdy materials like concrete or stone, a home’s siding is much too delicate to withstand the strength of a pressure wash.

Luckily, there are other options to consider when cleaning your siding. Soft washing is slightly similar to pressure washing, except the water is designed to spray at a much lower force. Instead, specialized cleaning solutions are applied to the surface and used to break down any pesky dirt and mildew that has attached itself to the area. The cleaning agent is then left to sit, working to deteriorate the unwanted grime. Finally, the solution is simply rinsed off to reveal a clean and healthy exterior without any damage.

Just like you, a professional cleaning company wants the best for your home. Using the wrong pressure treatment can tear holes in your siding or even force water inside, leading to later issues of trapped moisture in the walls. Paint can be chipped off and scattered, which is extremely concerning for older homes that are coated with lead paint. Additionally, soft washing detergents can include additives like chemicals and bleach that could potentially kill surrounding plant life if not protected. If you’re not fully educated and equipped to clean your home siding, you’ll risk causing permanent harm to your home that’s guaranteed to be costly and time-consuming to fix.  

Rather than attempting it on your own, save yourself the effort and hire a professional cleaning company to soft wash the siding. With the help of an expert, you can be sure that your home is treated with the highest safety and care.  

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