The driveway and other concrete surfaces are probably the most overlooked area of most homes. A freshly washed driveway, patio, and walkway will really brighten up your homes exterior.  Concrete cleaning is also a great way to set your home apart from other houses on the market to be sold.  Power washing surfaces around your home can even improve the health and cleanliness of your homes interior.  There are many great benefits to concrete cleaning, but if not done properly pressure washing can easily damage your paved surfaces.

We begin by pretreating your concrete surfaces with degreasers and special cleaning agents.  The degreasers remove any oil and grease that may be sitting on top of the concrete.  The cleaning agents are left on the surface for a few minutes, allowing them to kill any mold and bacteria, preventing any further growth.  The concrete will then be rinsed with a surface cleaner, washing away all the dirt and grime.

Using a surface cleaner for concrete cleaning is preferred over using a wand.  Not only is a surface cleaner the most efficient way to remove dirt, mold, and grease from your paved surfaces, but it also produces great results.  Using a wand for concrete cleaning can produce inferior results and can result in damage of your paved surface. Wands often create too much pressure, which can etch concrete or even remove the top layer of the surface.  These are costly mistakes that can easily be avoided by hiring a competent professional who understands these hazards.

Concrete cleaning can be a very time consuming job without the proper knowledge and equipment.  Fortunately we are here to help!  Have Southwest Pressure Washing clean your paved surfaces whether it’s concrete, pavers, stamped concrete, or any other stone surfaces.  We have the expertise you can trust to add years of beauty to your pavement.