Generally, households must be power washed at least once a year whenever between March and November. As it gets later in a calendar year, you’ll want to ensure your property is taken care of prior to the freezing temperatures and winter season weather show up. It’s best to consider power washing as a routine residence maintenance job, as it will help increase the life expectancy of your house siding, concrete, and all outdoor surfaces.

While the time of year is essential, there are a number of other considerations to make when figuring out when to power wash your home:

  • Are you not sure of when the last time of your home was power washed?
  • Has your property withstood a long, snowy winter since it was last washed?
  • Are you preparing to host visitors for the holidays or a party?
  • Are algae, mold, or black streaks present anywhere on your siding, concrete, or roof?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your house would take advantage of professional power washing services. It’s the simplest service to protecting and improving residential properties— no matter the time of year.

Ideal Time of Day to Power Wash

Power washing can be performed at any time from dawn to dusk, though sunshine and cloud coverage can provide special difficulties. Shadows can appear, seeing a 2nd story can be difficult, and areas can be simply overlooked. This makes the case for working with an experienced power washing business rather than doing it yourself. Experienced service technicians will have worked in all types of conditions and at all times of the day. While you certainly wouldn’t want to pressure wash in pitch black, any sort of visibility will permit a technician to finish the task at the highest degree.

Best Conditions for Power Washing

Whether it’s 45 ° and storming or 95 ° and sunny, power washing projects can be completed in virtually any weather conditions. Outside of when temperatures dip below freezing or the periodic thunderstorm, the weather rarely impacts power washing outcomes. When it comes to severe climate, a professional will either wait on it to pass or return on the next offered day to finish the task.

Want to Learn More About Power Washing?

As a house owner, it’s eventually your choice on when to power wash your home. Those that love to keep their property in best condition are most likely to do it each and every year. Others that may have simply discovered power washing and its benefits might still have a handful of questions. If you fall into that latter type, feel free to give the specialists at Southwest Pressure Washing a call now: 513-512-5328. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you, and we’ll be delighted to address all your concerns and take you through our processes.