Meet The Owner of Southwest Pressure Washing

My name is Charles Zimmerman. I am the owner of Southwest Pressure Washing, a family owned business located in Wilmington Ohio.  I was raised to work hard, respect others and take pride in my work.  I bring these same values to my business.

I feel that it is very important to take pride in one’s home and for that pride to show, that is the reason that I started Southwest Pressure Washing.  After receiving many compliments from friends, family, and neighbors on how great my home and their homes looked after I power washed them, I realized that I wanted to help others achieve the same results for their homes.

I look forward to the future of the business and can't wait to grow more and find even better ways to serve my customers. 

Charles Zimmerman

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Charles Zimmerman, Owner of Southwest Pressure Washing

Mission Statement: To offer top notch service at a fair price